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Resurecting Sparkle Bunny?

This weekend I was working one of my many joe-jobs when a customer came up to me and said, “I saw your fringe show, you were great.” To which I, shocked, replied, “Sparkle Bunny?” “Yes! It was hilarious!” she said. A few weeks ago I got a YouTube message from

Achy Breaky Heart

When I was twenty I got my heart broken. No, not broken, ripped out of my chest and thrown into the garbage. Simply put – I got dumped. After eight months of what I thought was blissful togetherness, I knew that something was up when my boyfriend wanted to spend

Story Time Tuesday

It’s Fall. In Vancouver most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and are now wet, clogging up the gutters. People are starting to hibernate in their homes as the sun sets earlier and the temperature drops. Today I’m having a difficult time getting motivated. I’ve had all week

Songs That Got Me Through My Teens

I was listening to a podcast of NPR’s All Songs Considered this past week and they had an incredible show called Tunes That Got You Through Our Teens. If you know me you know that I adore nostalgia, so inspired by this podcast here are five songs I remember from

Halloween Memories

It’s Story Time Tuesday! Here’s a theme story just in time for Oct 31! It’s Halloween; the time of year where children dress up in whatever costume reflects their subconscious desires and run around the neighborhood asking for candy. It brings back memories. As I’m working a job-job on the

Lady Tiger

It’s time for another Story Time Tuesday! Enjoy! “We call you the Lady Tiger.” The short, stalky gold chain wearing, fake tanned, South London pretty boy trainer told me one afternoon while I was at the gym. He watched me attempt to do five chin-ups in a row at the

In Deee-fence of Deee-lite

No matter where I am, at a wedding, at a club, in my house, or in the middle of a conversation I will drop everything, squeal with joy and run to the dance floor (or danceable area) whenever I hear the song ‘Groove is in the Heart.’ I adore this

Clap Com

Clapham Common, or as I like to call it Clap Com, is a neighborhood in South London. I spent a year living there and that year ended a year ago. I cannot believe the time has gone so fast. My first day in London was mixed with stress, panic and

Yes, Let’s!

If you are my father please stop reading this right now! Seriously, you wont like this at all. Ok, now that the coast is clear, I can tell you about something I did last week that scared the bejebus out of me yet also made me incredibly thrilled about life.

Karaoke Chronicles

Karaoke means empty orchestra. I don’t care about who’s in the orchestra, what I do like is when the dance floor’s bumpin’. You may remember that karaoke had it’s hey-day in the 1990s. However I wasn’t introduced to it until 1999 when all my theatre school kids went to local

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