Going back to in person events!

Hi friends and fans, It’s finally happening after much trepidation, cautiousness and therapy after getting covid from the audience while doing live theatre in the spring of 2022, I’m finally dipping my toes back into producing live events. TEEN ANGST NIGHT YOU HELD ON TO THOSE OLD NOTEBOOKS FOR A

Teen Angst -Now on Zoom!

Since I got a Zoom webinar licence for the most recent Say Wha?! show I figured I should try to do a Teen Angst Night. Join us this Sunday, March 28 at 6 PM Pacific time for a wee online Teen Angst Night. Somewhere in the back of your closet

sketch comedy – TONIGHT!

Tonight at 8 PM Pacific time I’ll be appearing in a sketch comedy show from the Vancouver Film School. All sketches were written by VFS students and performed by professional actors. It’s a 45 minute show. It’s free! And it’s all been pre-taped, so there is no chance of anyone

Can We Create Online Theatre in 48 Hours? We’re Going to Try

Many months ago I signed up to create a short theatre piece with some talented women I used to work Front of House with on Granville Island. Then… well, you know what happened. But what do they say in theatre? The show must go on! So now we’re still doing

Working From Home | Episode 2 – Day 12

It’s day 12 of quarantine, which means this group of co-workers should have settled into a routine by now, or have they? I’m so grateful to Mersiha Musovic for casting me in this sketch series. Stay tuned for more episodes!

Remember Day One?

It’s day one of quarantine, which means this group of co-workers have to work from home, but things aren’t going as smoothly as expected. I’m so grateful to Mersiha Musovic for casting me in this sketch series. Stay tuned for more episodes!

Have You Thanked an Artist Lately?

  Today I got this message from Nadya and it gave me such warm fuzzies, I had to share. In this time of self isolation I want to remind you that performing artists crave feedback. We are missing the sounds of an audience. We are longing to see your smiles.

Watch the Live Streamed Teen Angst Night

We don’t know why but we were flagged 5 minutes before the end of the show so it ends dramatically after we got Emma Cooper back on a FaceTime after their Internet went down and they got kicked off of Zoom. It was virtual insanity. Thanks to everyone who watched!

TONIGHT! Live Streaming Teen Angst Night

FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020 – 6:30 – 8 PM PACIFIC TIME WATCH IT ON YOUTUBE LIVE  If there are any issues during the show please check my Twitter for updates.  If you see an error note, and not this image at 6:30 PM, try refreshing your browser. WHAT IS TEEN ANGST

Teen Angst Night COVID-19 Update

LIVE STREAMED TEEN ANGST NIGHT  Friday, March 27, 2020 To practice social distancing I’m working hard to bring this show online. TIME: 6:30-8 PM Pacific time. It’s an early show so that friends/ family in Eastern provinces can watch. It will be also available online after the live event for

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