The Life Game


In the Fall I got to be a part of the production team for The Life Game on CBC Radio and it’s finally on air. I’m excited for you to hear it.

The Life Game is an audacious radio experiment that combines interviews with improvisation to create an electrifying radio storytelling event performed in front of a live audience. The concept was originally developed by Keith Johnstone, the creator of theatre sports and founder of the Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary.


Tune in to CBC Radio One or listen online

Tuesday at 7:30pm (8:00 pm NT) and Friday 11:30 am (12:00 pm NT)


Fostering Change


I’m honoured to be a part of this wonderful event for this fantastic initiative.

From the petition:

Most young adults in BC can count on financial support, relationships and family connections to help them get a good start in life. However, that’s not the case for everyone.

Cut off from support at 19, youth aging out of foster care too often end up homeless, don’t finish high school, and have no one to turn to in their 20’s.

Sign the petition

More info about the event

I Am A Fake Mom – A True Short Story


I’m getting back into sharing things I have written. Remember that was a thing I used to do? I should do it again. For fun. Why not?

I posted this on Facebook a week ago and it got a big response, partially from the tribe of mothers on there. 

This is the first in a series of true short stories I hope to share with you. Enjoy. 


Obviously, this is a stock photo. I’m not paying going to pay for it. I bet this fake mom made $500 for her day of posing with babies. Good on ya, woman!

Today at a casting office a guy asked me to watch his baby while he went in to his audition.

The child was maybe a year old, walking, carrying a blankie, and wanted nothing to do with me. He started to fuss 30 seconds after he was left in my care and tried to get into the room where his father had gone. I tried to distract him with his books- I used to be a storyteller at the public library in Calgary and I was very good. This child didn’t think so. The baby started to cry. I scooped him up to try to calm him and not disturb the audition. He screamed in my ear. I carried him away. He screamed louder.

I tried to explain to the baby that I wasn’t abducting him and that his real parent would come back soon and we wouldn’t have to deal with each other ever again. I told the baby that his father was in an audition to make money so that he could pay for the baby’s college tuition, but the baby didn’t understand me.

All the young hip women auditioning for a fun road trip car commercial in the other room stared at me. ‘Who the hell is this lady and what is wrong with this baby?’ they must have thought. Also, ‘ugh, stop it.’

After about 3 minutes of baby screaming, the dad was done his audition, the child was reunited with his father.  He stopped crying instantly.

See, stupid baby, I told you so.

Then I was called in to do my audition. I didn’t ask anyone to watch my purse while I was in the room.

Moral of the story: I might audition for mom roles, but I’m not the mothering type.

Update: I didn’t get a callback for that audition. Thanks, screaming baby.

Shout Outs from Scout and the Straight

I think my shows are great, but don’t take my word for it.

I’ve got proof in writing by two of the most awesome media outlets in town that this shows is worthy of your time: The Georgia Straight and Scout Magazine. (see below)

Teen Angst Night | Friday, June 17 | 8-10 PM show | Dance Party to follow

Advance $10 tickets end TONIGHT at midnight, then it’s $15 at the door.

Partial proceeds of the night will go to this awesome local charity CLICK – Contributing to the Lives of Inner City Kids.

AND there’s a Y2K dance party happening at the Fox after the show. Yes, you get free entrance a dance party devoted the one hit wonders, guilty pleasures, and tried/true classics of the early to mid-2000s after Teen Angst Night.

So call up your besties and enjoy a night of laughter and nostalgia.

Georgia Straight

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.29.18 AM.png

Scout Magazine’s Scout List

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 8.13.09 PM.png

Advance Sales Ending Soon!

Teen Angst Instagram

Somewhere in the back of your closet gathering dust and turning yellow with age is comedic gold. Those old journals, poems, and essays you wrote as a teenager when you thought you could do no wrong, would probably make you cringe if you were to read them today. Now, imagine sharing them in front of an audience. That’s exactly what happens at Teen Angst Night. You held on to those diaries for a reason, right? This is that reason!

The last time I did a show at The Fox, it was packed with standing room only. Most people bought their tickets at the door. I get it, Vancouver, you’re a last minute kind of city. I’m just trying to save you money. Get your $10 tickets now. Or pay more at the door and risk your chances of getting in.

*Early bird tickets – $10  (Sales end Thursday at midnight)
At the door – $15

This event is not all ages, 19+ only
Partial proceeds of this event will go towards a local youth charity CLICK – Contributing to the Lives of Innter City Kids.

* Please arrive early for the best seats. Standing room is a possibility if you’re there late.

Doors: 7 PM

Show: 8-10 PM

Y2K dance party to follow. Yes, you get free entrance a dance party devoted the one hit wonders, guilty pleasures, and tried/true classics of the early to mid-2000s after Teen Angst Night.


Liz Bell
Kate Belton
Kyla del Rossario
Stephanie Fan
Ed Hill
Jackie Hoffart
Tia Glen-Cooke
Monica Hepburn
Nicole Roberge
Robyn Roukema
Marlene Swidzinski
Alannah Turner
Liam Wallinger


You can share anything (poetry, songs, letters, journals, diaries, essays, stories, plays, lists, etc) so long as it follows these rules:

1- The work must be your own.
2- You must have written it between the ages of 10-19.
3- You cannot be proud of the work you are sharing. It’s best if you’re extremely embarrassed of it.


“But is it real comedy? It most certainly is. People love to laugh and there are many routes to arrive at that destination. Is it traditional? It most certainly is not. It’s not what the average person envisions when they think of comedy. But regular shows would kill for these kinds of laughs.” – Georgia Straight

“I like it when the definition of “theatre” gets stretched. That’s what Sara Bynoe’s doing.” … “I gut laughed the whole evening. So did the rest of the audience. It was a full house. It always is. – TJ Dawe in the Charlebois Post

“A highlight [of the Teen Angst Night] was the felt board presentation by Sara. The former library worker read an old high school poem based on the Night Before Christmas that told about the gang in her neighborhood, The Flava. Even if you couldn’t see the felt board cutouts of trucks with “the Flava” symbol on them, it was bloody hilarious”- ION magazine

Last Time at Teen Angst Night

Hiya! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

I’ve been out of town working on a tv documentary series (more on that later) and I neglected to share these videos from the last Teen Angst Night.

It was a fantastic evening at Fox Cabaret. Look at this fantastic crowd!


Witness some of the magic now…

More on YouTube.

Good news! The next Teen Angst Night will be Friday, June 17 at Fox Cabaret and there will be a Y2K dance party to follow.

Want to read? Sign up HERE.

Shows This Week

The Georgia Straight does a weekly roundup of comedy shows in town and this week there is a TON of choices as JFL is going on. I’m thrilled that they included my two shows in their post.

Why am I not a part of JFL? Maybe I was supposed to apply for something? That’s likely, I never do that.

What I do know is that I’ve got two very different and very fun evenings of comedic entertainment for you this week.


Tickets available at the door.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.46.16 PM.png


Tickets available at the door.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.46.30 PM.png

A Very Special Teen Angst Night


I’m very excited about this special show featuring some of my favourite and most memorable Teen Angst Night readings over the past few years.

Facebook Event

Tickets – early bird discount on now! Limited availability. Missed out on the early bird special? Sign up for my mailing list and get a discount code if you sign up in time to catch the February 1 mailout.

What is Teen Angst Night? Check out my Teen Angst page for more info.