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“Sara Bynoe is charismatic.” – Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

“Sara Bynoe has a great comedic talent reminiscent of Carol Burnett.” -Jennifer Flye, Terminal City

“The lovely and talented Sara Bynoe” – Vancouver Courier

“Sara is such a strong performer! I was riveted. (except when she tried to tell me I was like Molly Ringwald… then I felt betrayed… who gave YOU the right to JUDGE MY PAIN?!!! )” -FOAD audience member

Sara Bynoe studied acting at Studio 58 and is a proud graduate of the program which has been called,  “one of the best theatre schools in Canada.”  Since graduating she’s worked with theatre companies like Boca Del Luppo (House of Sleeping Beauties), UpInTheAirTheatre (120 BPM), Instant Theatre (Grit), and a few others.

Sara has been honing her character and improv skills as a member of Vancouver Theatre Sports Rookie League for the past three years and can be seen playing at the Improv Centre on Sunday Nights.

Recently Sara has been on the following sets working as an actor:  Naked Night BikeMy Plenty of Zombies Dating Profile. She also appeared on YTV’s YouTube video clip show The Funny Pit. 

Sara did a series of commercials for the Museum of Vancouver where she got to put her improv skills to work (check out the long version).


The Funny Pit