Resurecting Sparkle Bunny?

Sparkle Bunny at the Victoria Fringe in 2005 with her stage manager in the brown shirt and box office volunteers that dressed up for her show! PLUR 4EVAH!

This weekend I was working one of my many joe-jobs when a customer came up to me and said, “I saw your fringe show, you were great.” To which I, shocked, replied, “Sparkle Bunny?” “Yes! It was hilarious!” she said.

A few weeks ago I got a YouTube message from someone asking if there were going to be any more Sparkle Bunny videos. I thought this was odd since it’s been a long time since they were made.

AND then.. some of my friends we’re at a party this Halloween and they saw a girl dressed up as … Sparkle Bunny! This was verified when they asked her what her costume was supposed to be. “I’m Sparkle Bunny- from YouTube!” she apparently said.

Sparkle Bunny was born sometime in 2003 when I was attending Studio 58 as a character for a variety show. Then I wrote a 20 minute solo-show about her as my final project in late 2004 because I didn’t want to leave the school known as just the “Teen Angst girl.” (Which, in some circles, I’m still known as).  Then in 2005 my solo Sparkle Bunny show was worked on and expanded at a theatre festival in Calgary. Later that year I went on to do that show at the Fringe in Victoria and Vancouver. The last thing I did with her was in 2007 when I got on the Mac train and started fooling around with iMovie. I’d wanted to do more with her but lacked the drive or skills to take it to the next level. So Sparkle Bunny was laid to rest.

But it seems the universe is telling me to resurrect this character. If only for the sake of these three people.

I’m thinking … a movie. Something with the energy of It’s All Gone Pete Tong meets the likability and quirkiness of Napoleon Dynamite; a coming of age story about a over the hill Candy Raver. Obviously it has to be produced by MTV Films.

For this week’s Story Time Tuesday… I bring you …. a completely under-thought mini-pitch of Sparkle Bunny- The Movie!

Log line: What do you do when the lights come up, the music stops, the drugs have worn off, tour friends are all married with children and you’re the last raver dancing? Throw one last hurrah to end it all!

Sparkle Bunny: The Last Raver Dancing is the story of a 30-something Candi-Kid who has to come to terms with growing up and moving on but finding a way to keep the dance in her heart.

Mini Synopsis:

We open on a bedroom with fun-fur blankets, sparkles, teletubbies, black light posters and a floor covered with water bottles and glow sticks. Sparkle Bunny gets up and ready for her day. On the street Sparkle Bunny runs into some old party friends she hasn’t seen in years.  They are normal looking people, people that shop at The Gap. She asks them “What’z up?!” They say that they’re getting married… next weekend. Sparkle Bunny manages to get an invite to the party.

At the wedding: We open on pews of well dressed people then on one side, amongst fancy hats and nice up-dos we see bunny ears. Cut to the reception, Sparkle Bunny is tweeting her whistle the whole time, eventually she takes over DJing. Eventually Sparkle Bunny gets kicked out. In the back alley- (a la The Wedding Singer) – Sparkle Bunny meets Ash, a Goth caterer. An unlikely pair; Sparkle Bunny with her high energy and PLUR (Peace Love Unity Respect) and the solum, finding meaning in EVERYTHING, dark Ash run away from the party to a 24-hour diner that they both used to frequent in their former party days.

Sparkle Bunny decides to throw one last big party to show her friends what they’re missing out on. Ash, who thinks Sparkle Bunny will fail miserably decides to come along for the ride if only to feed off her despair (ok, and maybe make out with her in her times of angst). Eventually, after a series of wacky adventures, they fall in love.

Final image: Sparkle Bunny and Ash fighting over the radio as they drive off into the sunset.

Now, who can green-light me?

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  1. […] how did this all come about? Well, those of you who follow my blog might remember this post: Resurrecting Sparkle Bunny that I wrote in late November. Matthew Kowalchuck, whom I attended Studio 58 with, contacted me […]

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