100 % Vancouver

This is going to be a FANTASTIC and very interesting show. But they need some more people for it to all come together. Have a look and pass on this info to anyone you know who fits the needed demographics.

BE ONE OF 100%

Presented by Push International Performing Arts Festival and Theatre Replacement

In honour of our city’s 125th birthday, 100% Vancouver will place 100 everyday Vancouverites front and centre January 21 & 22nd, 2011, at the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

On stage a demographic portrait of our city is created using 100 people as defined by their gender, age, cultural background, language they speak, marital status, and neighborhood in which they live.

100% Vancouver involves a live band, a revolving stage, video projection, and the stories and individuals that make up our city.  A commemorative book published by Fillip portrays of all the participants and a series of essays accompanies the show.

Eligible Participants:

Vancouver residents must meet 5 criteria: gender, age, cultural background, marital status, and neighborhood that statistically represent the city of Vancouver. You must be available for all rehearsals and performances.  You will receive an honourarium.

January Rehearsals & Performance Schedule











Time TBA










For more info or if you are interested and available to participate, please send the following information to

Ruthie Tabata ruthie@theatrereplacement.org, 604 780-7849:

1) Full Name

2) Age

3) Birthdate

4) Marital Status
(Single or common-law/married)

5) Address

6) Mother tongue

7) Ethnicity/cultural background

8) Email

9) Telephone #

What’s Next: We will meet you for an interview and to take your photo.  We cannot guarantee that all who apply will be selected.

Not sure how it will look? Here’s a video of the 100 % Berlin. Warning: it’s in German so I have no idea what they’re exactly saying.

We 100% is still looking for to make up 100 people in Vancouver:

1) Gender

Female: 0 – No more women needed.

Male: 22

2) Age

0-9: 4

40-49: 6

50-59 4

60-69: 2

70-79: 3

80-100+: 3

3) Marital Status

Single: 7

Married/Common Law: 13

4) Neighbourhood

Arbutus Ridge: 1

Fairview: 1

Hastings-Sunrise: 1

Kerrisdale: 0

Marpole: 3

Oakridge: 2

Shaughnessy: 2

South Cambie: 1

Sunset: 6

Victoria-Fraserview: 1

Here’s a map of the communities and boundaries according to the City of Vancouver website that 100% Vancouver is using.


5) Mother Tongue

English: 6

Mandarin/Cantonese/Taiwanese: 8

Tagalog (Filipino) & Indonesian: 1

Punjabi & Hindi: 4

Vietnamese: 1

Korean: 2

German: 1

Russian: 1

African language: 1

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