Story Time Tuesday

It’s Fall. In Vancouver most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and are now wet, clogging up the gutters. People are starting to hibernate in their homes as the sun sets earlier and the temperature drops.

Today I’m having a difficult time getting motivated. I’ve had all week to come up with a Story Time Tuesday but I’ve hit a wall. My fingers are too cold to type. My mind is too numb to recall a story. My drive has slowed down.

On nights like tonight I’d like to be curled up in bed watching movies or reading a good book. Instead I will drag myself to Granville Island and participate in the Rookie League at Theatre Sports. That’s right, I can’t make up a story to blog about but I’m going to improvise one on stage tonight.

Which I guess, in the grand scheme of things is a fair compromise.

So tonight’s Story Time Tuesday will be happening on stage at 9 pm. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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