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The Life Game

In the Fall I got to be a part of the production team for The Life Game on CBC Radio and it’s finally on air. I’m excited for you to hear it. The Life Game is an audacious radio experiment that combines interviews with improvisation to create an electrifying radio

Novelty Act – Bynoe and Hahn!

Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn are back with another night of comedy, storytelling, and joy. Why novelty act? Well… sometimes women in comedy get referred to as a ‘novelty act.’ Bynoe and Hahn think that’s bullshit, so they got together and have decided to do a night of whatever they

Novelty Act

Ok. Okay. I know. You’re wondering what is this all about? Well… Here’s what our official release thingy says: Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn present a night of comedy, storytelling, and joy. Why novelty act? Well… sometimes women in comedy get referred to as a ‘novelty act.’ Bynoe and Hahn

May Shows

Here’s a run down of all the shows and events that I’ve committed to this month – so far. Yay! MAY 4 – Behind the Curtain, PAL Theatre, 581 Cardero Street 7:30-9:30PM, Tickets by donation I’m hosting a storytelling event for PAL Theatre where I’ve invited performing artists to shed


What the heck is this? This is a photo taken by Margret Nyfors of the cast of Rookie Night at Vancouver Theatre Sports a few weeks ago. Can you spot me? Yup, I’m the one in blue in a weird pose. I was dancing. I’m always dancing. I’m performing in

Teenage Wasteland

As seen at the Vancouver International Comedy Festival this is an evening (or in this case, an hour long show) of improv inspired by stories and bad writing people wrote between the ages of 10-19.  Improvisors TBC (because you know, they’re improvisers and it’s loose like that) Produced by Sara

Vancouver International Improv Festival

October 29-November 3 Next week at Performance Works on Granville Island you can check out some of the best improvisors in North America. I’ll be doing a Teen Angst inspired improv show on Tuesday, October 30 at 7:30pm. Come and hear Andrea Del Camop and myself share some of our

Best of the Internet – Vampire Dancer

I came across Eliza Skinner from the video Amy at the Club on College Humor. Someone sent the video link to me because they said it reminded them of me in my early 20s. Nonetheless, I have been a fan of her work ever since. Vampire Dancer is one of

Story Time Tuesday

It’s Fall. In Vancouver most of the leaves have fallen off the trees and are now wet, clogging up the gutters. People are starting to hibernate in their homes as the sun sets earlier and the temperature drops. Today I’m having a difficult time getting motivated. I’ve had all week

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