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I’m in NYC and having a mind-blowing good time. This Sunday I went to the original Dance Dance Party Party and rocked it like a hurricane. Which reminds me, Vancouver DDPP starts up again this Thursday! I’ll be back in the city and ready to party. Details: Thursdays  Sept 9-

Short Summer Story

I was at Queen Elizabeth Park this weekend and saw a young woman sitting alone in the grass. She sipped on her drink, wrote in her journal and then clipped her toenails.

Story Time Tuesday

These two short pieces of writing are inspired by Lydia Davis whose writing I’m reading and LOVING it. Yeah, that’s right, I read good literature sometimes, it’s not all Say Wha?!* material. A Woman Is Not A Piece of Fruit When we made out he touched me like he was

Public Service Story

Saturday night I was biking with my friend Michael on East 10th Avenue when our quiet night took a turn. We’d been biking past a guy and his girlfriend on our way to East Van; the girl was pedaling slowly having difficulty with a hill. When the hill switched to


For this week’s Story Time Tuesday I’ve decided to post a poem. Some of you may have read it before -if you’re a super online stalker. As I’ve been spending a lot of time lately hanging out on Main Street, debating if I should just find some dumb-ass serving job

How to be a Media Whore

Over the years I’ve accumulated a good stack of press clippings; newspaper articles, radio interviews, Breakfast Television appearances, magazine mentions, and blog links. You could say I’m lucky or you could say I know how to work it. For this week’s Story Time Tuesday, I’m not going to tell you

Observations in VanCity

What I Learned from Hanging Out on Commercial Drive this Weekend I love people watching. This weekend and friend and I gawked on Commercial Drive; a street in East Vancouver that’s the epicenter of drumming circles, poetry slams and devil sticking in the city. Well, that’s not entirely true, over

Lessons Learned

Recently my friend Claire told me what she believes the rules of life are. 1- Say yes to any invitation 2- Don’t sleep with everyone. 3- Dress for the job you want not the job you have. It got me thinking, what have I learned from life thus far? Here’s

Things I Miss About London

The fake British accent I would put on when ordering coffee so that the Polish girls behind the counter could understand me. Men who whispered ‘sexy’ under their breath as I walked through the Common. Sitting on the top of a double-decker watching Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly and Kensington roll past.

I Love On Them

I visited Northern Ireland about a year ago. I would never have gone there if it wasn’t for my friend Donna. She was working on a show that got brought to Derry and she didn’t having time to come and visit me in London. So I hopped on a budget

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