Story Time Tuesday

These man hands are not my hands.

These two short pieces of writing are inspired by Lydia Davis whose writing I’m reading and LOVING it. Yeah, that’s right, I read good literature sometimes, it’s not all Say Wha?!* material.

A Woman Is Not A Piece of Fruit

When we made out he touched me like he was picking out a piece of fruit (a melon or an avocado); checking to see if I was ripe enough to take home. I, myself, did not know if I was ready.

The Plus None

The wedding invitation was addressed to her and her alone. There was no, ‘Jane Carrol and guest.’ Jane read it to imply ‘Come celebrate the union of our togetherness by suffering through your loneliness.’

*note: the next Say Wha?! is this Wednesday Aug 11. Show at 8 pm.

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