Old Old Poem

I’ve been crazytown busy and I haven’t had time to write a proper Story Time Tuesday entry. So, what I thought I’d share is a poem I wrote when I was five. It was published in my elementary school yearbook. I must have been in kindergarten or jr kindergarten at the time.

My Cat

My cat is good

I can’t find my cat

My cat is scared

My cat is good

Who’d have thought that the little girl who wrote about her cat (although I actually had two at the time – Smokey and Bandit) would grow up to get a Masters Degree in Creative Writing. Could you tell? Do you see the potential I had? I suppose there is a story, with some drama and a happy ending in this short little poem. Well done baby Sara. Way to not chew on your crayons and get some creative writing published at the age of five.

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