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LA or Hell-eh?

My first trip to LA was in 2005. Wait, I should qualify that. My first trip as an adult to LA was in 2005. I’d been to la-la land and area when I was a kid visiting Disneyland, as that is a rite of passage for most middle class children

What Elda Taught Me

I don’t know if it’s the time of year, or the age I’m at but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking recently. Thinking about where am I going, what am I doing and where I want to be. Ya know, life angst. I know many of you reading this

Checking Stonehenge Off My Bucket List

A bucket list is an inventory of things to do and places to visit before one kicks the proverbial can out of life. I do not have said list, but if I did, I suppose going to Stonehenge might be on it. I was in the UK, I had access

Postcard Story

This week I’m teaching a workshop on Micro-Writing to 11-13 year olds at the Vancouver Public Library’s Book Camp. What’s micro writing? Yeah, that’s what they asked too. Micro writing is short, short writing. We’ve done six word stories, fifty-word stories and postcard stories. It’s a challenging form that is

One Degree of Separation

One day while I was attending Goldsmiths I looked up and saw a recognizable face. A girl with long ginger hair and saucer sized eyes was walking through the cafeteria of the East London University. “Is that the Princess?” I asked my classmates. They looked up, shrugged and said, “Oh

Morning People

Here’s a Story Time Tuesday for ya. It’s been a while. I am not a morning person, I’m a late night person. Last week however, I was forced to live in another realm of reality when I had a job where I had to wake up at a normal time,

Cat Calls

After my trip to San Francisco I got thinking about times in my life that I’ve been cat-called. It seems that men in different cities have various approaches to the drive-by hit-on. Sometimes they honk their horn, which is ego boosting but confusing as I never really know if it’s

Freedom Diaries- Day One

American customs always makes me nervous. After 20 minutes of waiting in line behind holiday travelers with sugar-withdrawal kids and overstuffed carry-on luggage I finally made it to the yellow line that separates me from the land of the free. A bald beefy man in uniform, probably caring a gun,

Christmas Angst

Since the holidays are fast approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with this season.  Recently I shared a video about the real reason why I don’t like Christmas, but I’ve realized that I’ve never really enjoyed this time of year. This video is proof of that. Shot

Why I Hate Christmas

Christmas is coming and my angst is coming fast. I’ve had a few nightmare holiday experiences that have made me boycott most of the season; have a listen and find out exactly what happened to me at Christmas when I was 18 years old.Told at The Flame on December 1,

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