Christmas Angst

Since the holidays are fast approaching I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with this season.  Recently I shared a video about the real reason why I don’t like Christmas, but I’ve realized that I’ve never really enjoyed this time of year. This video is proof of that.

Shot in Seattle at the Bumbershoot Festival in 2008 in front of one of the best audiences I have ever had the privilege of performing to. The theatre was packed for my noon show on the first day of the festival (they liked me, they really liked me!) and I remember I sold out of all my books (available at amazon for like $1 plus shipping!). Ah, good times. Good times like times that are not Christmas.

I wasn’t supposed to ever show this footage to anyone according to some contract I signed, but since it’s so shakey, barely usable and three years have passed I figured it’s ok. Besides, you wont tell them. Will you?

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