In Deee-fence of Deee-lite

No matter where I am, at a wedding, at a club, in my house, or in the middle of a conversation I will drop everything, squeal with joy and run to the dance floor (or danceable area) whenever I hear the song ‘Groove is in the Heart.’

I adore this song more than any other song in the world. Seriously. I have adored this song since its release in late 1990. Sure, I went through my Madonna is God phase when Erotica became one of the first CDs I ever bought. Then there was the early stages of Grunge and Alternative Rock with Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and my foray into all-ages punk rock gigs. Yet at my high school graduation, when I straddled the worlds of the rave scene and emo, I still rushed to dance when I heard the first few notes of ‘Groove is in the Heart’ in the Calgary Convention Centre.

The amount of times I’ve danced to this song must be in the thousands, yet iTunes tells me I’ve only played it 56 times. It is my 4th most listened to song; surpassed only by Technotronic’s Pump Up The Jam (which is my morning alarm), Sexyback by the pop-sation Justin Timberlake and We Are Your Friends by french house artistes Justice vs Simian. Which I suppose tells you that I am a big fan of sexy, party, dance songs.

Wikipedia has a charming description of the Deee-lite’s number one hit saying that it is a “funky, cheerful love song that compares the new feelings of infatuation with hearing a good (“groovy”) song.” I completely agree. I run to this song like 80s rom-coms stars run to each other.

Saying you don’t like Groove is in the Heart is essentially saying you don’t like: Herbie Hancock’s “Bring Down the Birds,” Vernon Burch’s “Get Up” (the drum track and slide whistle are from that song), Eddie Jefferson’s “Psychedelic Sally” (horn riff),  Bootsy Collins (bass and guest vocals!) or  Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest (rap). Basically not liking this song means that you hate it when awesomeness combines -you fascist!

I get upset when someone disses ‘Groove is in the Heart’ and I think that’s because I feel that the song is my personality in music. It’s Deee-Groovy.

But to each their own.

One Reply to “In Deee-fence of Deee-lite”

  1. Dave Gagnier says:

    You’re right – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that song.

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