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It’s a Christmas miracle!

I have two delightful shows for that wonderful downtime between Xmas and NYE. Join me for some fun and laughs on Main Street. SAY WHA?! READINGS OF DELICIOUSLY ROTTEN WRITING SARA’S LEAST FAVOURITE THINGS SPECIAL Wednesday, December 27, 2017 Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main Street, Vancouver, BC SHOW 8-10 PM $10 at

Novelty Act is Back!

After a hiatus we’re back in an intimate venue doing it up on a Friday night! Twice! Wha-hoo! Join Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn for a night of comedy, storytelling, and joy. These two Vancouver treasures are charming and multi talented forces of nature, and both are kind of uncategorizeable,

What Happens At Novelty Act?

I get this question a lot, “What happens at Novelty Act?” The truth is, we never know what’s going to happen until it happens. At Novelty Act Riel Hahn and I tell stories. We play games. We improvise. Sometimes we prepare novelty acts like the time I wore my sailor

Two Live Shows, One TV Show, One Week!

This is an exciting week for me. The return of Novelty Act will be on Thursday at a special new location. It’s going to be a delightful show/party hosted by Riel Hahn and me. If you’ve never been this is a great one to attend. It’s PWYC. Saturday night is

Shows This Week

The Georgia Straight does a weekly roundup of comedy shows in town and this week there is a TON of choices as JFL is going on. I’m thrilled that they included my two shows in their post. Why am I not a part of JFL? Maybe I was supposed to

Two Wonderful Shows Next Week!

2016 is heating up and I’m going to be in two shows next week. I’m really excited about them! I hope to see you in the crowd. You’re not going to have more fun in this city next Monday or Tuesday for $10 – I guarantee it! Monday, January 18

Last Novelty Act of 2015

Riel Hahn and Sara Bynoe are getting a little misty eyed that this, the 12th edition, marks one whole year of Novelty Acts! They’ve learned so much, they’ve laughed, they’ve cried (from laughing), they’ve tap danced, they’ve bared their souls…and guess what? They’re gonna keep right on truckin’ into 2016!