Novelty Act En Blanc (et Noir, et whatever the eff you want)


Join Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn in the Cabaret Room at the Emerald for a night of comedy, storytelling, and joy on the same night as the amazingly ridiculous Dinner En Blanc event.. Why not wear white and come to a place where you don’t have to bring your own white table and chairs?

These two Vancouver treasures are charming and multi talented forces of nature and both are kind of uncategorizeable, so they made a show where they do whatever they want on stage, which equals them having a good time, which equals you having a GREAT time!

Funny, smart, welcoming and probably a bit weird, it’s Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn on stage. And you! That’s it. That’s plenty!

“Whatever we do on this edition, we guarantee it will be fun! And we promise to wear lipstick.”

*Arrive on time. They are punctual ladies.

BONUS| The Emerald has 1/2 price cocktails on Tuesdays! (And a lovely menu!)


Tuesday, August 25 (TONIGHT!)
The Emerald Cabaret Room | 555 Gore Street
$10 cash at the door or $8 in advance on Eventbrite
More info about Novelty Act (videos, info, etc.)

Riel is working on some songs. I’m working on a crazy tap dance.
Wear your black, or your white, or whatever the eff you want. We just want you to bring your fine self… and maybe a fine single friend.

Show starts at 8 PM. Doors to the cabaret room are at 7:30 PM. Arrive early to get your fancy 1/2 priced cocktails before the show.

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