Last Novelty Act of 2015

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Riel Hahn and Sara Bynoe are getting a little misty eyed that this, the 12th edition, marks one whole year of Novelty Acts! They’ve learned so much, they’ve laughed, they’ve cried (from laughing), they’ve tap danced, they’ve bared their souls…and guess what? They’re gonna keep right on truckin’ into 2016! With some fancy new ideas, of course.

Come keep warm as we all enjoy that awesome part of the holidays where you’re done with family but not all weepy over not getting kissed on New Year’s Eve, and you haven’t gotten tired of drinking yet! Good thing, since cocktails are half price.

Riel will have been 44 years old for one week, and has some new jokes about depression and love (Ha. Ha.) Sara’s got a gold jumpsuit and is the funnest person you know. And, as always, excellent lipstick is promised.

When: Tuesday, December 29

Where: The Emerald, 555 Gore. We’re in the back cabaret room. Walk past the bathrooms, turn the corner left then turn the corner right. 

When: Doors at 7:30 PM & show at 8 PM

How much: $10 at the door or ask for the ‘sliding scale’ if you’re poor (minimum $5)




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