I’ve been in Toronto for only 5 days.

This afternoon I was walking down the street from a successful meeting and I checked my bag for my $133 monthly Toronto Transit Commission pass.

It wasn’t there!


I never lose anything!


So I retraced my steps.


I realized I either dropped it or someone pick-pocketed me.

Then it set in.


I walked 45 minutes back to where I’m staying and felt…



Meh. It’s just money.


Wanna make me feel better? Tell your Toronto friends about my Say Wha?! show on June 15 or subscribe to the Say Wha?! show podcast.

2 Replies to “Boo-urns”

  1. bniemack says:

    Bummer. But guess what? On the bright side, I found your “Sex Sent Me To The ER” retractable-simulated-syringe-pen in the props department, and I’m holding on to it for you until you return to Gentle Peaceful Law-abiding Vancouver.

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