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When I get an email about a new comment on my blog …

… and it turns out to be spam . Boo. The Internet is hard.

The Truth

Someone said to me today, “From your Twitter it looks like you’re rockin’ Toronto.” Wha?! My Twitter has only been about the sad/ weird/ amusing things I’ve seen or thought. It’s interesting, in that funny and sad way, what people will glean from others’ social media posts. I saw this


I’ve been in Toronto for only 5 days. This afternoon I was walking down the street from a successful meeting and I checked my bag for my $133 monthly Toronto Transit Commission pass. It wasn’t there! I never lose anything! So I retraced my steps. I realized I either dropped

After dieting for a month …

… and seeing no results, I’m embracing JLaw’s attitude

When I Put Out A New Podcast

Don’t leave me hanging, friends. Go download it. Subscribe on iTunes. Or stream it. Or tell me what you think about it after you listen.

When I have an awesome show

(like tonight, producing Say Wha?! in Toronto for the first time) Right after the show I feel like this: Then everyone goes home and suddenly it’s 3am and I am alone, still high from the adrenaline of putting on a show. Nevertheless, Toronto…

How I felt when I heard the news …

…that Fifty Shades of Grey will be filming in Vancouver  

When I was searching for gifs on Tumblr

for ‘pain’ and ‘sad’ because I wanted to post something silly and then came across A LOT of gifs about cutting then I did this (in my mind) to those people You guys, the Internet is weird – and I’ve never even seen r/spacedicks.

When I have coffee after 2pm

at bedtime  

When I Go Back To Online Dating…

… and get a message like this: This is how I react Ugh Wha Lol

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