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Help Me Bring Teen Angst Night to Toronto For OUTtv!

This Saturday, October 10 a very special special airs on OUTtv. Teen Angst Night! I just came from a meeting with the lovely development team at OUTtv Vancouver and it’s time to get the ball rolling on a show in Toronto. Please share with anyone you know in the greater

TORONTO, Say Wha?! is back!

Say Wha?! comes back to Toronto’s Comedy Bar, Wednesday, June 17, 8 PM and it’s only $10!

June Shows!

Hey guys! Here’s what’s going on for me in the month of June. The days are full of sunshine so make the most of it and go see some shows! It’s safe to leave the house. Sunday, June 7 Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing Cottage Bistro | 4468

My May Events

If you’re an awesome person and you’ve signed up for my newsletter and you’re actually someone that opens it and reads it you probably noticed that I fucked up, or Mail Kimp didn’t save my corrections, because some of the dates were off. If you got confused, I’m sorry. Here’s

Summer Say Wha?! Recaps

  Summer is over and I neglected to post about the two wonderful Say Wha?! shows I produced in Toronto at Comedy Bar. Oops. Here’s what happened. Considering that it was Father’s Day and the season finale of Game of Thrones it was pretty amazing that anyone showed up for

Say Wha?! Toronto Edition No. 3

  THIS IS HAPPENING SO SOON! Are you excited? I’m excited! It’s time to tell your friends! What, you want to know what is this all about? Have you ever read a poorly written novel and thought to yourself, who publishes this crap? Or come across a hilariously out of

Toronto Observations – Part 2

I’m still alive in the big smoke! And I’m no longer living with cats!! I’m so excited to not have hair all over my clothing or being woken up by random mewing. Although it was really cute when the scaredy cat finally warmed up to me (before she decided to sleep


I CAN’T EVEN! THIS POSTER IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT POSTER I’VE EVER HAD FOR A SHOW. (Ok, I loved my solo show F.O.A.D.’s poster – here’s part of it) It perfectly sums up Say Wha?! The show I host and produce where funny people read from terrible/crazy/silly/incredibly weird

Toronto Observations

I’ve been living in Toronto for a month now and I’ve noticed some things. Drying your clothes through electrocution seems to be a viable option.   Some people really care about fashion here and some … not so much. These sandals win the award for the ugliest footwear I’ve ever seen.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! SAY WHA?!

I’m so excited! How excited? Yes, Britney Spears with bad extensions excited. Why? Say Wha?! is nearly here. Vancouver’s favourite literary/ comedy show comes to Toronto, again! Say Wha?! is an alternative comedy show where performers put their comedic spin on some of the worst writing ever published.  Have you

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