Toronto Observations – Part 2

I’m still alive in the big smoke! And I’m no longer living with cats!! I’m so excited to not have hair all over my clothing or being woken up by random mewing. Although it was really cute when the scaredy cat finally warmed up to me (before she decided to sleep on my chest every night).

So, what’s been going on?

Well, I was hanging out in Trinity Bellwoods Park, as all semi-employed artists do, and a butterfly landed on me. Then it flew away. Then it flew back and landed on me again. This happened two more times. Basically, it was my longest relationship in years.

Plus, it means good luck, right? Or is that getting pooped on by a bird, because that happened too.

One thing I’ve noticed about Toronto is there are a heck of a lot of psychics with storefront businesses. I haven’t looked into this too much but it’s kinda neat. Mostly in the sense that so many of them can pay their rent. Then again, they could be the Toronto equivalent to Vancouver’s ‘late night massage parlours.’

I was lucky enough to go to a TIFF screening of Boyhood, Richard Linklater’s new film – the guy that did Dazed and Confused and those Ethan Hawk walking around Europe movies. Check out the trailor for it here. It’s a great film. Great meaning I balled my eyes out at the end.

Here’s my real observation. Segways are to Toronto what unicycles are to Vancouver. They haunt me and apparently, I’m the only one of my friends here that sees these things all the freakin’ time!

Now, how are you doing?

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