Say Wha?! October 19

That’s right. It’s that time again. Time for Say Wha?!

This month I’ve got some very funny readers who have found some truly crazy writing. I will be reading from a book called Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover. Yes, a novel about a man who has sex with a dolphin – and that’s not the craziest part about it! You’re going to want to get there early because I’ll be reading that first.

Following my reading will be readings from these fabulous people:

Mackenzie Gray has been a professional actor for over 30 years. He has done pretty much everything: theatre – commercials, he has over 120 film and TV credits including: THE NET, SMALLVILLE, HUMAN TARGET, YOUNG BLADES, DA VINCI’S INQUEST, THE COLLECTOR, SANCTUARY, PSYCH, KYLE-XY, SUPERNATURAL, and many more. He’s a 2-time Dora Award Nominee, a 6-time Leo Award Nominee and has been nominated for various awards in his various disciplines.

Reese McBeth is a saint, a sinner, a poor boy that was born premature inside a burnt out Chevy in the hills of North Carolina. He is his father’s step mother, a healer, a prophet, a poet…an outlaw who loves flannel pajamas and birthday cake. But most of all, he is a lover of animals he doesn’t have to clean up after, or share an apartment with.

Jennifer Perrin is a loveable funny girl who is rocking the improv scene with Vancouver Theatre Sports Rookie League and The Fictionals. During the daytime Jennifer works at a funeral home. Say Wha?! It’s true.

Lauren’s McGibbon’s career in comedy started 08/28/08 when she lost her job and the world lost a Canadian discount airline with service to Europe and the Carribean. Since then she has lived as a gypsy performing stand up comedy (Vancouver Comedy Fest), Improv (Vancouver Theater Sports Rookie League), Sketch (Moms on the Run) and living in her mother’s basement.

Dylan Rhymer started out as a zygote and quickly developed limbs, a spinal column and a face. Since then, he has appeared in a bunch of stuff including: CTV’s Comedy Now!, CBC’s The Debaters, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Scarface: The World is Yours Video Game. He is co-creator of The Laugh Gallery, Vancouver’s longest-running independent comedy night. More info at

Steve Rondeau is a local kid with no idea what he’s getting himself into. His prior experience includes playing the title character of the Rocky Horror Show, a singing drunken cop in a school play, and generally being an unusual person. He’s in high-school now, but that hell will be over soon. Given the opportunity, he’ll regale you with tales of his D&D group’s exploits, but be warned; once he starts, he’ll never stop.

Stacie Steadman is a local actor, writer and part time nanny. she returned home to vancouver a year ago and is still waiting for vancouver to realize she is back. in the meantime she has been busy re-decorating her coach house and learning all about designing and building her own furnishings because, lets face it, she can’t afford nice things. You can see Stacie in the new year in the western canadian premiere of Ubuntu with the Western Theatre Company in a city near you. If that city happens to be Calgary, Vancouver, Kamloops, Kelowna or Vernon.

Event Details:
Wednesday, October 19
Cottage Bistro – 4470 Main Street
Show 8-10pm
Tickets at the door $5-10
Not in town? Catch it live-streamed at

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