Wet Goddess – The Say Wha?! Jackpot

Tonight I will be reading from this book. Just like Tyra Banks’ Modelland every page has a Say Wha?! moment. If you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, let me explain. This novel is based on the true story of the author who had a nine-month sexual affair with a dolphin. Yeah. Say Wha?!

If you can’t make it to the show, you’re in luck because the show will be live-streamed from 8-10pm Pacific time. I’m on first so tune in early.

4 Replies to “Wet Goddess – The Say Wha?! Jackpot”

  1. What. The. FUUUUUUCK!!!!?

    • sbynoe says:

      I know! You should watch the live-stream tonight. It’s crazy. And it’s not the dolphin loving that’s the craziest part – there’s telepathy!

  2. Gee, I wish you had let me know so I could have listened in! Is this archived anywhere? I’m dying to know which chapters you decided to read and why.

  3. […] Right now I am thanking goodness for e-books because my litearary/comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing (where comics read from and comment about the worst books ever published) is about to reach further into the depths of cray-cray than I ever imagined. Well, Fifty Shades is on par with Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover. […]

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