Head Shots

Getting head shots is my least favorite part of being an actor. However, I just had a lovely session with Melanie Kelly, whom I’ve known for years, and I think I had my best session yet.

It’s hard to control my expressive face and dance-spazy body in photos but Melanie told me exactly what I needed to hear to get more of a ‘commercial’ look. Here’s hoping I can book that toothpaste ad so all those years of orthodontics can be paid off.

2 Replies to “Head Shots”

  1. Bob Niemack says:

    Nice shots! You should play a nurse on TV!

    • sbynoe says:

      That’s not a bad ass-umption to make. 😉 Thanks Bob!

      Note to everyone other than Bob who already knows this info: stay tuned to Untold Stories of the ER on Discovery for a glimpse of me on TV.

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