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Head Shots

Getting head shots is my least favorite part of being an actor. However, I just had a lovely session with Melanie Kelly, whom I’ve known for years, and I think I had my best session yet. It’s hard to control my expressive face and dance-spazy body in photos but Melanie

Darko Silkman

Last night I had the great pleasure of having my photo taken by Darko Silkman. He’s a photographer who specializes in portrait, weddings and travel photography. I’ve been a fan of his since he took a family portrait of my friends Keli and Joseph a few months ago. His photos

How to be a Media Whore

Over the years I’ve accumulated a good stack of press clippings; newspaper articles, radio interviews, Breakfast Television appearances, magazine mentions, and blog links. You could say I’m lucky or you could say I know how to work it. For this week’s Story Time Tuesday, I’m not going to tell you


Check out my photos from my travels and year living in jolly old London. http://www.flickr.com/photos/biddieb

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