Hey Edinburgh! Get Ready For This!

With all my Teen Angst shows over the years it was inevitable that one day I’d have to create a solo show. I did. It was first presented in 2007 at the Toronto Fringe, then at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, then I moved to London and applied for a spot at the Pleasance Theatre for the 2009 Edinburgh Fringe. To my joy and amazement I got a spot. (The Edinburgh Fringe has presenting companies and you have to apply to get in, not like Canadian Fringes where shows are picked by a lottery).

Then I injured my back and it hurt … bad. Then it got worse and worse, and I saw a doctor and got an MRI and discovered that I had a ‘massive disk herniation.’ So, I dropped my spot at the Pleasance and I’ve been sad about it ever since.

However, this year I’m finally going to be at the Edinburgh Fringe. Okay, it’s not a long time that I’ll be there but I will be there!

I’m participating in PBH’s Free Fringe, thanks to a wonderful hook-up through my friend Michelle Madsen. I’m dusting the show off, making it better and more stand-up comic-y with a bunch of storytelling and more Teen Angst jokes. I’m so excited to hop across the pond and see my UK friends and maybe three other people in the audience. (The average audience at the Edinburgh Fringe is 8 people apparently.)

Here’s the details so you can tell all your Edinburgh bound friends.
F*ck Off and Die: Tales in Teen Angst Poetry

Monday 22 August to Saturday 27 August 2011 show at 1:00pm

Venue: Royal Oak1 Infirmary Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1LT

How much: FREE!

More info here: http://freefringeforum.org/event.php?event=16492

More info about the show F<3ck off and Die: Tales in Teen Angst Poetry HERE.

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  1. […] F*ck Off and Die – Tales in Teen Angst Poetry, Sara Bynoe. Royal Oak, 13.00, Mon 22nd – Sat 27th. […]

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