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Final Teen Angst of its 19th Season

Yes, Teen Angst Night has been going for 19 years. It started back in Calgary in 2000. That’s a lot of time reflecting on teenage depression, awkwardness, first kisses, bad school dances, getting drunk, and messing up. Next year is going to be amazing but don’t miss out on this

Thank Goodness We’re No Longer Teenagers!

Canadian Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Meet me and some fantastic readers at the Fox Cabaret on Saturday, October 8 at 8 PM to celebrate our ridiculous youth. Let me be the excuse you need to avoid your family for an evening. Or better yet, bring your folks and

Grown Ass Vancouverites Embarrassing Themselves By Sharing Their Most Angsty Teenage Notes On Stage

Next Thursday twelve people will be get getting up on stage, in front of a very hip and sexy audience and several TV cameras to share their most embarrassing, weird, and awkward teenage diaries, notes, poetry and more for your entertainment. The FREE tickets are almost gone. Do not miss

Teen Angst Karaoke

Teen Angst Night is a juvenilia / comedic storytelling event that’s been running since 2000. If you were there for the Teenage Wasteland show at HAWC you might remember this super fun time. Invited performers will share stories from their teenage years and then sing a song related to their

Brave Souls Share Their Most Embarrassing Teenage Writing On Stage For Your Entertainment

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 | 8-10 PM | $10 at the door | Cottage Bistro – 4468 Main Street | Readers get in for free* Somewhere in the back of your closet gathering dust and turning yellow with age is comedic gold. Those old journals, poems, and essays you wrote

January Fun

Happy New Year! I’m starting the year by getting excited about what makes me happy: performing in and producing shows! Here’s a look at my January. Tuesday, January 13 TEEN ANGST NIGHT 8-10 PM | $10 at the door (sliding scale available) Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main Street Facebook Event I’ve

Teenage Wasteland August 7-10

This has been a dream of mine since 2000. An art show of embarrassing art by adults made when they were teenagers. Inspired by Teen Angst Night, the show highlights the stories behind the work & the angst that went into them. Includes an audio tour with background interviews with