Strange Search Terms

There are lots of ways people come across my website. Most are probably referred by some other website linking to me. Sometimes it’s because people are searching for information about my shows Say Wha?! or Teen Angst.

I’ve noticed that the keywords that bring people to my site have been getting stranger and stranger. Here’s a Top 5 list from the last few months.

Strangest Search Engine Terms That Brought People To My Website According To My WordPress Site Stats

5) what advice would you give to young ladies who live in your community who are not interested in school?

4) space theatre london review titus andronicus

3) watch black man fall off treadmill

2) bodypaint space girls

1.5) spa anal bleaching in vancouver

1) вогон джинсы


Note: Only 2 and 1.5 make any sense to me why those search terms might lead to me. 2- I wrote an article about being body painted 1.5 Ken Hegan read a pamphlet on this at Say Wha?! in September. The rest are too bizarre.

However you got here, welcome!

One Reply to “Strange Search Terms”

  1. Noel says:

    Russian for ‘Vogon jeans’, according to Google Translate. Surreal images come to mind!

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