Rose Petal Place

Last weekend on Facebook I joined the masses by changing my profile pic to a picture of a cartoon I adored when I was little to raise awareness about violence against children. Or so that was the motivation. It wasn’t peer pressure or anything.

The obvious choice for me would be to choose Rainbow Brite, but because I never like going with the crowd even when I am, I had to pick something else.  So, I searched my memory for the obscure and remembered this doll I had, and still have somewhere in my boxes of childhood memorabilia, whose hair smelled (and still faintly does) of roses. Her name is Rose Petal. I thought I made up the story and imagined that there was a cartoon about her, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet I was able to find some proof in no time.

And now, I give you my childhood nostalgia:

The Story of Rose Petal Place

If you have a half hour to kill, watch this episode where little people who are also flowers recite Shakespeare.

Yeah, it all makes sense now how I became what I am. It’s all thanks to wonderful 80s cartoons like this.

One Reply to “Rose Petal Place”

  1. chico says:

    Well, I almost went and changed my avatar to something from the Hanna-Barbera collection, Speed Buggy probably, but then I stopped. I was thinking, so if I don’t change it I’m for child abuse? WT- So i stayed status quo but when I go way back, way back like Rose Petal back, it’s Barbapapa & Jeremy all the way.

    Clickity Click, Barbatrick
    I’m a bear called Jeremy, I can do most anything

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