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When I get an email about a new comment on my blog …

… and it turns out to be spam . Boo. The Internet is hard.

When I’m searching Tumblr for reaction gifs …

… and I come across porn

I love the Internet

I spend a lot of time on the Internet. Recently I had a job where I spent 8 hours a day watching YouTube and finding funny family friendly clips. It was awesome. Because of this dream job and the excessive amount of time I spent online, I realized two things

Strange Search Terms

There are lots of ways people come across my website. Most are probably referred by some other website linking to me. Sometimes it’s because people are searching for information about my shows Say Wha?! or Teen Angst. I’ve noticed that the keywords that bring people to my site have been


I finally joined Twitter. Still figuring out the best way to use it. Write micro fiction? Network? Shameless self promotion? Mostly I post awesome links. If you’re a Tweeter, a Twit or a Twat follow me at http://twitter.com/sarabynoe

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