My Week Without Makeup- Day Four

Apparently I’m not the only one on this fresh face trend. Heidi Klum recently was photographed for People’s Most Beautiful People issue without makeup.  Jessica Simpson did a photo shoot for the May issue of Marie Claire au natural.

I think these photos are interesting because at first glance they are not the women we recognize. They are still attractive people but it takes a moment to see the icon we know. When I first saw the Jessica Simpson photo I thought it was Kate Winslet.

Hamlet said about women that, “God has given you one face and you make yourself another.” (Wait – did I just reference Jessica Simpson and Hamlet in the same blog?) My brother often quotes that Hamlet line whenever he catches me applying cosmetics and I often recall it when I go through my morning routine. Granted Hamlet was going through is crazy phase at that moment and also told Ophelia to ‘get thee to a nunnery.’

Jessica Simpson wipes her face clean for Marie Claire's May issue yet hides behind her hair.

Clearly these women have two different faces. There is the public and the private the characters they play and the human beings they are without the costumes. By exposing themselves without makeup (but with really fabulous lighting) these women are on the one hand exposing their true selves and while also doing great media spin; showing that they are beautiful no matter what. Lucky ladies.

I have a confession to make: today I caved. I’m going out tonight and I’m sick of looking at the blood vesicles on my eyelids and the dark bags under my eyes, so I applied concealer and one layer of mascara to my lashes. And, to me, it makes a difference. I already feel more confident and prettier. I know I am not classically beautiful enough to pull this fresh face look off like these ladies can.

Alright, alright, already my 14-year-old-self, the third wave feminist, is shaming my present self. Oh well,  she can stay home and write bad poetry while I go out and dance with my friends with a thin layer of cover up – which somehow reveals the true me in more ways than I’m proud to admit.

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