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Last Big Show of 2016

https://www.instagram.com/p/BLUVKbSjnb2/?taken-by=sarabynoe   This Saturday, November 19 is the last Teen Angst Night of 2016. As a Canadian I’ve been shocked and appalled by the results of the American election so I’ve decided that 20% of all ticket sales will go to the American Civil Liberties Union who work to protect

Say Wha?! The Podcast – Episode 43 Kyle Fines Introduces Us to Vegan Steven

Say Wha?! The Podcast shares recordings from the comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. In this episode Kyle Fines reads from a book of vegan poetry. Appologies for the sketchy audio levels. It happens. Listen to the podcast on iTunes, RSS feed, or just stream it HERE: If

Say Wha?! The Podcast – Episode 42 Chip Ellis Shares the Poetry of Leonard Nimoy

Say Wha?! The Podcast shares recordings from the comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This episode features a reading from the poetry month edition of the show by the always funny and charming Chip Ellis. Warning: singing and slightly bad audio quality. Listen

Tomorrow is Teen Angst Night

Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 17 is Teen Angst Night If you know anything about me you should already be familiar with this event. I’ve been running it since I was barely legal. It started in Calgary in 2000 – that’s 15 years of making fun of my teen angst. My Teen

Verses Festival – Shut The Front Door!

I’m thrilled to be recognized by the Verses Festival and invited to share something amusing and writerly at this humour event Shut The Front Door – happening this Sunday, April 6. Here’s all the info from the Verses Festival: Both spoken word poets and comedians confront audiences with nothing but a

Edinburgh Fringe – FOAD

That’s right, this is happening. Really soon. Today I’m flying to the London. I’ll take the train up to Edinburgh to hang with my awesome friend Daniel-Ryan Spaulding and even hang with the Literary Death Match people on Monday night. It’s going to be a very exciting time! Wish me

Haiku Finalist

Last week I participated in the Vancouver Poetry Slam’s Haiku Death Match. To prepare for the event I was supposed to write 26 haikus. Did I do that? Sure. What I didn’t prepare was 26 awesome haikus. Yet, by some magic I made it to the final round battling head


For this week’s Story Time Tuesday I’ve decided to post a poem. Some of you may have read it before -if you’re a super online stalker. As I’ve been spending a lot of time lately hanging out on Main Street, debating if I should just find some dumb-ass serving job

Things I Miss About London

The fake British accent I would put on when ordering coffee so that the Polish girls behind the counter could understand me. Men who whispered ‘sexy’ under their breath as I walked through the Common. Sitting on the top of a double-decker watching Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly and Kensington roll past.

Old News for a New Blog

Last year CBC had a Teen Angst contest for Canada Reads their annual literature competition between books chosen by well-known Canadian personalities. These were the contest rules: You can either write up a short description of one of your worst teenage moments. Or you can send in a diary entry

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