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A Special Occasion

I’m about to do something new. It’s called A Special Occasion. What is it? * Inspired by salons of the 18th Century this event will educate and entertain. * It’s an opportunity to wear that thing you’ve been waiting for a special occasion for. For me, that means my sailor

Music Challenge

Apparently there’s a music challenge going on. At least on Facebook. It’s supposed to take a month but I challenged myself to complete it in a weekend because that’s how I roll- or perhaps I was procrastinating from other work. Then I got busy and just finished it now. So,

Three Ladies

Confession: I haven’t been into music in a long while. I’ve chosen podcasts, TedTalks and lectures over booty shaking background tunes – except for when I’m prepping Dance Dance Party Party. Recently I’ve switched the dial and started rocking out again. It’s all thanks to these three ladies. Lady One

Dance Syndrome

Wanna know a secret? Wanna hear something I think is pretty funny? Check out my music at http://www.myspace.com/dancesyndromeband There’s a new track up. It’s not finished yet but let me know what ya think. xo SB

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