Three Ladies

Confession: I haven’t been into music in a long while. I’ve chosen podcasts, TedTalks and lectures over booty shaking background tunes – except for when I’m prepping Dance Dance Party Party.

Recently I’ve switched the dial and started rocking out again. It’s all thanks to these three ladies.

Lady One

Representing the UK it’s.. Kate Nash!

I first fell for her when I heard her song “We Get On” when I was living in London. There was something about her voice and her cheeky, honest lyrics that won my heart. Kate Nash’s songs remind me of the joy and horror of dating in your 20s but ultimately her music is fun.

Check out this video for Foundations:

Lady Two

Kate Miller-Heidke is my favorite Aussie. After the barrage of hot messes from down under, Nicole I-Can’t-Move-My-Face Kidman and Mel Crazytown Gibson Kate Miller-Heidke has shown me that there is a tremendous amount of talent in the land of Fosters and Kangaroos. Of course, we all knew that. What I love about this woman is that not only is she tremendously talented with the voice of an operatic angel but she also has a fantastic stage presence and sense of humour. Her sound is completely unique.

She also can f-ing rock a cover. Here she is singing Toxic.

Lady Three

My third new found music love is from my home and native land. Hannah Georgas from Vancouver, BC won me over with her silly song about a relationship gone wrong. It’s appropriately titled “Bang Bang You’re Dead.” Finally a song for the jaded 20 year old in me. I haven’t even gone through a bad break up in a while but I wish I did because I think I’d love this song even more! I have yet to catch Hannah Georgas in person but I really hope I have the chance to soon; I bet she’s charismatic and has good banter.

“If I thought you were my friend/ Then this wouldn’t be the end/ Bang Bang you’re dead/”

Now I need to find a talented singer-songwriter from the USA.

Any suggestions?

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