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Learn The Truth About Fifty Shades of Grey

Tonight in your city there will be a movie theatre full of sexual frustration and bad book lovers. Yes, that mommy-porn phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey has been made in to a movie. It was filmed in my home city, Vancouver, and since they didn’t offer me a part I’m protesting

Say Wha?! The Podcast Episode 20 – Fifty Shades of SAY WHA?!

Say Wha?! The Podcast shares recordings from my monthly comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing where funny people read from terrible books. This episode of the podcast is an ENTIRE SHOW I hosted/produced dedicated to the awfulness of Fifty Shades of Grey. I rip the book apart,

More From Fifty Shades of Say Wha?!

On Friday I had a super fun show at Hot Art Wet City with a full room of lovely people who listened to me rant about how awful the Fifty Shades book series is. I called it a comedy protest over the filming of Fifty Shades of Grey: The mMovie

Fifty Shades of Say Wha?! Show

Wednesday, November 7 is a Special Edition of Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing! Say Wha?! is my monthly comedy show where performers read from some of worst writing ever published. Hands down the worst book with the greatest number of copies sold is that twilight Fan fiction trilogy,

Did This Book Bring You Here?

Since I read Fifty Shades of Grey at my comedy show Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing in March I have been getting a lot of traffic on my website due to 50 Shades of search engine terms.  So, I decided to put them all in one easy place. After “50 shades

Fifty Shades of Say Wha?!

If you missed last night’s Say Wha?! show, you missed my reading of 50 Shades of Grey. There is just too much bad/goodness in this book and too much hype around it not to share it with you, my lovely blog readers. I did live-tweet my reading of the book

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