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How To Get A Boyfriend – Vancouver Edition

There have been a lot of articles and blog posts lately about the terrible dating scene in Vancouver. Basically, what it comes down to is: women are bitchy snobs and  men are lame/shy/ all the Alpha males moved to Calgary or Toronto. I just saw this video on Facebook posted

How to Live in Vancouver

If you follow my blog you’ll remember that I recently wrote about living in London. Since I wrote it, I’ve been thinking about the city I live in right now: Vancouver. When I was fourteen years old Vancouver was my mecca. I would come here on spring breaks to visit

How To Live in London

Dear Sara Bynoe, circa September 2008 You have just moved to London, England to do a MA in Creative Writing. You’ve sold practically everything you own and packed up to live a new adventure. First off you deserve a BIG HUG, that was brave. Now, I want to tell you

Book Review

I Don’t Care About Your Band by Julie Klausner I’ve dated countless disappointments; fauxhemians, moody artists, narcissistic actors, bi-polar designers, and other emotionally unavailable men. I’ve spent a lot of time standing to the left side of a stage because I dated musicians. Some of them are nobodies, some of

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