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I’m Here All Week

I’m hosting/ producing two shows this week and telling a story at another. Come check out the fun. Novelty Act Sara Bynoe and Riel Hahn are back with another night of comedy, storytelling, music and joy! Whatever happens, you know it will be warm and funny and a lipstick of

It’s time to Dance Dance Party Party

Originally posted on DDPP™ Vancouver, BC!:
What’s Dance Dance Party Party? It’s a fun-focused, free-form, fitness party for ladies. The official rules are: No Boys, No Booze, No Judgement. DDPP Vancouver has added a No Talking rule, because our sound system isn’t very loud. It’s like having a slumber party…

I have a question for you

I’m working on another article about producing indie events. I’m going to focus on comedy shows and I’m curious to know what you think. This pertains to shows which are not at a ‘comedy club’ venue ( Yuk Yuks etc.). Thanks for answering!

Tonight is Say Wha?!

Here’s a preview of the very funny people who will be joining me tonight to celebrate the three year anniversary of Say Wha?! Are you as excited as I am? Ryan Steele Ivan Decker Ian Boothby Eric Fell Lauren McGibbon See they’re funny, right? Join us all tonight at the

Message to everyone…

… watching the US election results today Tonight I will be Dancing for Democrats at Dance Dance Party Party. It will be like some sort of voodoo rain dance, only for Obama votes. Dear lord, I need a cookie. 

Sparkle Bunny Wont Stop Dancing

Remember Sparkle Bunny? I created the character back when I was attending Studio 58 and wrote a 20 minute solo show about her for my final project. She then lived on as a Fringe show, and in videos like this. Well, Sparkle Bunny is still alive. At least in the

Say Wha?! in East Van Comedy

 Sunday, January 29, 2012 Say Wha?! will have a special show at Havana Theatre as part of East Van Comedy.  And look The Province newspaper thinks East Van Comedy is something to see in 2012 along with a bunch of other amazing shows.  LINK Stay tuned for details of when and