Say Wha?! is Back!


It’s baa-aack! Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing

Have you ever read a poorly written novel and thought to yourself, who publishes this crap? Or maybe you were in a thrift store and found a hilariously out of date self-help book. Perhaps you flipped through Tori Spelling’s or Delta Burke’s autobiography and guffawed at their life story. Now imagine charming and comedic performers telling you all about these terrible tales. Well, that’s what Say Wha?! is all about.

It’s funny people sharing bad books. This is our summer reading adventure! We read these awful things so you don’t have to.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 8-9:30 PM

WHERE: Havana Theatre (in Havana Restaurant) 1212 Commercial Drive

HOW MUCH? Tickets $12 online and at the door

Hosted by Sara Bynoe

John Cullen
Eric Fell
Brent Hirose
Megan Phillips
Jessica Pigeau


“Say Wha?! is a steal (of a deal) for a great night out.” – -VanCityBuzz

“But is it real comedy? It most certainly is. People love to laugh and there are many routes to arrive at that destination. Is it traditional? It most certainly is not. It’s not what the average person envisions when they think of comedy. But regular shows would kill for these kinds of laughs.” -The Georgia Straight

More info about the history of the show available at:

Join us at Havana Vancouver before the show for Cuban food and drinks by reserving a table at We recommend booking a minimum of 90 minutes prior to your performance to make sure you get great theatre seats and the best dining experience. Or join us after the show for drinks and dessert.



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