Back in Vancouver, Say Wha?!

Say Wha Facebook Event Image 3

It’s back! Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing

Funny people reading from terrible books.

Have you ever read a poorly written novel and thought to yourself, who publishes this crap? Or come across a hilariously out of date self-help book in a thrift store? Perhaps you flipped through any celebrity autobiography and guffawed at her/his life story. Well, that’s what Say Wha?! is all about.


Nicole Passmore
Cameron Macleod
Lauren McGibbon
Chip Ellis

Sunday, September 28 | 8-10PM | The Emerald, 555 Gore | Facebook Event Page | TIckets: $10, cash only at the door or in advance


Pick of the week on BlogTO, Torontoist, CBC Radio Toronto- Here and Now, The Courier, WestEnder, Georgia Straight, Scout Magazine – pretty much any media there is has told you to go to this show.

“I like it when the definition of ‘theatre’ gets stretched. That’s what Sara Bynoe’s doing. … I gut laughed the whole evening. So did the rest of the audience. It was a full house. It always is.” – TJ Dawe, The Charlebois Post

“The Say Wha?! series offers an important and perfectly Canadian contribution to the (Vancouver literary) scene: ‘Quit taking yourselves so seriously.'”- Sean Cranbury, Granville Mag

Now in podcast form:


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