Fifty Shades of Say Wha?! TONIGHT


Dakota Johnson as the lip-biting University of Washington graduate who doesn’t own a computer until Christian Grey enters her life, Anastasia Steele

It’s happening. Fifty Shades of Grey is being made into a movie. It’s supposed to start filming on Monday, right here in Vancouver.

Last week I saw a girl on the bus the other way with audition sides. The top page read, INTERIOR – Christian Grey’s Office. My first thought: fuck, this is really happening. My second thought: why didn’t I get an audition?

Tonight I’m having a comedy protest Say Wha?! Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing show at Hot Art Wet City where I will highlight the horribleness of the Fifty Shades series.

I’ve invited three very talented and funny people to read the most popular sex scenes from the books: poet and dress-wearer Dina Del Bucchia, musical comedian Shirley Gnome, and The Unstoppable drag queen Conni Smudge.

It’s going to be a very fun night. Way more fun than the hours I spend reading that garbage. I READ IT SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO.

You do not want to miss this show. I will never do it again. Also, Scout Magazine chose it as one of the 10 Things You Should Absolutely Do this week in Vancouver.

Tickets are still* available HERE

Possible standing room available at the door. 2206 Main Street, bring cash.

*I’m scheduling this post at 11:30pm Thursday. Last I checked there were a few tickets left.

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