Say Wha Podcast

Five episodes of Say Wha?! The Podcast are out.

Haven’t heard one yet? Why not? They’re free, on iTunes and are less than 25 minutes long!

Here’s a quick synopsis of what you’re missing.

Episode 5 – Lauren McGibbon reads from Committed by Elizabeth ‘I’m better and more enlightened than you’ Gilbert.

Episode 4 – Sara Bynoe reads from Fifty Shades Freed and sumarizes the entire terrible trilogy of Mommy Porn.

Episode 3- Cameron MacLeod reads from Soualcoaster: The Diary of Me by R. ‘Pees on teenage fans’ Kelly.

Episode 2- Chip Ellis reads from two books on how to build your own coffins; the regular kind and the fancy kind.

Episode 1- Sara Bynoe reads from Text Appeal for Guys written by some douche-bag who lived in Asia and that’s what qualifies him as an expert on texting.

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