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When I Put Out A New Podcast

Don’t leave me hanging, friends. Go download it. Subscribe on iTunes. Or stream it. Or tell me what you think about it after you listen.


Five episodes of Say Wha?! The Podcast are out. Haven’t heard one yet? Why not? They’re free, on iTunesĀ and areĀ less than 25 minutes long! Here’s a quick synopsis of what you’re missing. Episode 5 – Lauren McGibbon reads from Committed by Elizabeth ‘I’m better and more enlightened than you’ Gilbert.

New & Notable

Look! That’s my podcast on the New and Notable page on iTunes, middle row, on the far left. At least it did in Canada. I’m not sure how iTunes works. How did I find this out? A stranger on Twitter told me they heard my podcast and found me because

A couple hundred people…

…have heard my podcast so far. Yay! xoxox You haven’t? Go and listen to it now. Also, it’s Say Wha?! no T, for branding purposes. Subscribe in iTunes

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