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Five episodes of Say Wha?! The Podcast are out.

Haven’t heard one yet? Why not? They’re free, on iTunes and are less than 25 minutes long!

Here’s a quick synopsis of what you’re missing.

Episode 5 – Lauren McGibbon reads from Committed by Elizabeth ‘I’m better and more enlightened than you’ Gilbert.

Episode 4 – Sara Bynoe reads from Fifty Shades Freed and sumarizes the entire terrible trilogy of Mommy Porn.

Episode 3- Cameron MacLeod reads from Soualcoaster: The Diary of Me by R. ‘Pees on teenage fans’ Kelly.

Episode 2- Chip Ellis reads from two books on how to build your own coffins; the regular kind and the fancy kind.

Episode 1- Sara Bynoe reads from Text Appeal for Guys written by some douche-bag who lived in Asia and that’s what qualifies him as an expert on texting.

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New & Notable

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Look! That’s my podcast on the New and Notable page on iTunes, middle row, on the far left. At least it did in Canada. I’m not sure how iTunes works.

How did I find this out? A stranger on Twitter told me they heard my podcast and found me because of it. Neat!

That means random strangers are listening to and reading what I’ve put out into the Internet. I mean, I knew that was the point but now it’s confirmed. Amazing!

Are you a stranger? How did you find me? (This is where I invite you to leave a comment on this post)

Are you a friend of mine? Why don’t you download my podcast so you can honestly say you heard it first.

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Did ya do it? Really? Awh, shucks! Thanks so much!


(Only said with a much less red face… Why is she burnt?)

PS – If anyone can help me fix my podcast feed so it no longer say “Unknown” under my podcast I’d be very appreciative.