Say Wha?! April Recap

picstitchSara Bynoe (aka me!) told us why she’s still single by researching how to make men love her by reading the half finished book 14.5 Things Women Shouldn’t Do by Mr Things and the How to Make a Man Love You by Grant J Hall. What we learned: it’s because she’s too darn funny/goofy for a men to find attractive. Sad but true…and still amusing!

Michael Unger schooled us in the art of heavy metal band names by lecturing from All Known Metal Bands. We learned there’s a lot of vomit in metal.

Kyle Fines spent some time in the children’s section of the VPL and brought us back to our youth (or someone’s youth) by sharing The Boxcar Children Mysteries. FUCK YOU BENNY! Also, never trust a guy with a red sports car and rolled up sleeves.

Riel Hahn read from The Pregnant Virgin: A Process of Psychological Transformation (studies in Jungian Psychology By Jungian Analysts) by Marion Woodman.  Which she stole from her mother’s library.

Capping off the night was Kevin L. Smith substituting ‘a word he got from the audience (Badger) for any word of the male anatomy in his reading of Wanderlust: Homoerotic Tales of Travel.  

Next Say Wha?! show is May 15 at the Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main Street.


One Reply to “Say Wha?! April Recap”

  1. Bob Niemack says:

    I laughed. I howled. I teared up. I shouted “Fuck You Bennie!” The crowd ranted and raved until we were united as Badgers. Thanks to all for bringing the laughter. It was a blast!

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