My Happy Holiday- Part 3

Burbank Christmas Eve


Santa Monica Pier

We spent the day in Santa Monica. The sun was out while we brunched and walked the pier. We poked in and out of shops that were not as bustling as  I had expected. It did not feel like Christmas eve. It was perfect. 

For dinner we met up with my Twitter friend @MusicScoop who took us to a fantastic Mexican restaurant in Burbank. Apparently Hollywood doesn’t have any decent Mexican places, but Burbank does.


Margarita #1

I enjoyed my margaritas (yes, plural) and a burrito with extra guacamole, because even though avocado comes with everything in LA it’s always good to get extra. It was one of the best Xmas eve dinners I’d ever had, until a server came over to ask if someone had parked outside because drunk diver had hit a car. It turned out to be our new friend’s car. Luckily it wasn’t too badly banged up, but it did put a damper on the evening. It appears it’s not just LiLo and Amanda Bynes who drunk drive in LA.

Next we made our way over to a karaoke bar across from the NBC Studios called Dimples.


The sign on the front door of Dimples says that if you get up on stage they will film you for their cable access show. We also found out that Dimples was live streaming their karaoke night with people watching from Japan, the UK, and India.

My first song: Fergalicious. I did this song a few years ago in San Francisco and the crowd went nuts. Dimples, as it had only 20 people in the join, was less enthusiastic. I was given the Dimples ‘virgin treatment’ and gifted a DVD of my performance and a photo of me on stage. One of the weirdest moments of my karaoke was when an ad for Mount Gay rum flashed on my monitor. Doubly weird for me because Mount Gay rum is from Barbados, which is where my grandfather is from. … It’s like they knew.


We sang a lot throughout the night and bonded with the cocktail waitress who made me get up on stage and sing Rihanna’s S&M with her. Also interesting to note: Rihanna is from Barbados. Perhaps this is a sign that I’m meant to return to Barbados, or as I call it, heaven on earth, this year.

The evening got weirder when a guy on stage said “Looks like the entire porn industry is here tonight.” This is strange on two accounts: 1- I never expected to be in the same room as porn stars and 2- there weren’t that many people in the bar. From then on I was very reluctant to touch the stripper pole in the middle of the karaoke stage.

Later a man who called himself Captain Christmas appeared and sang a few songs. 


Captain Christmas

We ended the night as Sid, the karaoke host, requested; up on stage with the porn stars singing So What? by Pink!

We stepped out of Dimples at 2 a.m. onto their AstroTurf grass and drove home, keeping our eyes open for drunk drivers, buzzing on our fantastic evening. A new tradition was born: Mexican food and karaoke.

“And guess what/ I’m having more fun/ and now that we’re done/ I’m gonna show you tonight.”

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