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My May Events

If you’re an awesome person and you’ve signed up for my newsletter and you’re actually someone that opens it and reads it you probably noticed that I fucked up, or Mail Kimp didn’t save my corrections, because some of the dates were off. If you got confused, I’m sorry. Here’s

Teen Angst Karaoke

Teen Angst Night is a juvenilia / comedic storytelling event that’s been running since 2000. If you were there for the Teenage Wasteland show at HAWC you might remember this super fun time. Invited performers will share stories from their teenage years and then sing a song related to their

February Fun Times!

Here’s a quick run down of the shows I’m producing this month. Save the date, make a date, go on a date. Teen Angst Night – February 17 I’ve been doing this event for 15 years! The next one is Tuesday, February 17 at the Cottage Bistro, 4468 Main Street.

My Happy Holiday- Part 3

Burbank Christmas Eve We spent the day in Santa Monica. The sun was out while we brunched and walked the pier. We poked in and out of shops that were not as bustling as  I had expected. It did not feel like Christmas eve. It was perfect.  For dinner we

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