When I’m sad …

I feel like giving up …

and I start to think …

Then I turn on my friends.

At some point, I stop and tell myself ….

I try to use my new-age upbringing and give myself some affirmations.

Yesterday I reached out on Facebook and Twitter. I said I was having a shitty day and asked if someone could say something nice to me.

… and you did! It was like a big cup of this…

I know I have first world problems – I’m a very lucky girl.

I am so grateful that I have people in my life that will answer when I call.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for giving a shit.

Thanks for telling me that you think I’m funny and have nice boobs.

In return I hope I can make you smile, or even better, laugh. XO

One Reply to “When I’m sad …”

  1. Theresa says:

    You do have nice boobs. And I love your gifs and funny posts. I wish I could get out to see you more often!

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