October Say Wha?! Recap Post

Better late than never. Here’s what you missed at the October show.

I’d previously read from the Google Book version of this self-help book, but I had to download the Kindle edition to realize it’s full craziness. I’m working on a review of the book for a blog post, so check back soon. 

Upcoming shows: Fifty Shades of Say Wha?! November 7 and November’s Say Wha?! show November 21. Both shows at the Cottage Bistro, 4470 Main Street. 

My reading came from the authority on How To Pick Up Topless Dancers, Mr. Derek Evans.

Ryan Steele read to us all about the life of the Terminator, even then paragraph that’s devoted to his sex with the maid scandal.

Reese McBeth shared some words of wisdom from the Jersey Shore.


Chip Ellis shared the un-PC 90s humour of Seinfeld and taught us that even the best comedians can’t pass the test of time.

Riel Hahn taught us about the churches feelings toward pornography and how one pastor’s struggle can (not) be an example for us all.







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