Sparkle Bunny Wont Stop Dancing

Remember Sparkle Bunny?

I created the character back when I was attending Studio 58 and wrote a 20 minute solo show about her for my final project. She then lived on as a Fringe show, and in videos like this.

Well, Sparkle Bunny is still alive. At least in the eyes of judges. A year or two ago my friend Matthew Kowalchuk and I cowrote a script based on my character and we were finalists for a film competition. Now we are one of five final scripts for a competition called Hot Shots  

The purpose of the contest is to provide sponsorship and monetary support to an exceptional local short film script that might not otherwise have the opportunity to be made into a film. It was founded by Ed Brando (William F White International Inc.), Paul Armstrong (Celluloid Social Club), Aaron Houston (‘Sunflower Hour’), and Scott Campbell.

Last week the script I cowrote was read at the Cold Reading Series. I wasn’t there, but apparently it got a lot of laughs. 

This Sunday we are pitching it to the judges. I’m the only girl involved in the competition this year. Which is kind of bitter sweet. 

I know it’s a weird request, but if you could you put out some good ‘vibes’ and send Sparkle Bunny some PLUR, this Sunday afternoon I’d really appreciate it. We will be pitching our fun, playful, and comedic script that’s about growing up and accepting yourself for who you are, sparkles and all. 

There’s something about Sparkle Bunny that continues to resonate with people, and for that I am grateful. 

One Reply to “Sparkle Bunny Wont Stop Dancing”

  1. abigailbvint says:

    good luck! just fell in love with sparkle bunny myself 🙂

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