Multiple Set Ups

* A basement apartment is for sale on my street for $700,000.

* Whenever I see Vancouver  in the top 5 of most “livable cities in the world.”

* I spent 5 years in theatre school and went to an audition the other day where I was told to say my name, show my profile, and the back of my head. That was the whole audition!



3 Replies to “Multiple Set Ups”

  1. I had a commercial audition where I had to pretend to pick something up and point my bum towards the camera. Good thing I went to theatre school!

  2. sbynoe says:

    We could write a book of stupid/ embarrassing things we’ve had to do in auditions. The book would be called, “So you want to be an actor…”

  3. Steve says:

    $700,000 in East Vancouver barely buys you a 33’x133′ patch of dirt, let alone a basement suite!

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