Wha Happened?


If you’re a regular attendee of my events you might have heard that there is no Say Wha?! in December. If you haven’t heard, I’m sorry to break the news to you so late in the month. See, I’ve been busy. 

For the first time in a while I’ve been working on a full-time contract.  It turns out that producing Say Wha?!, Dance Dance Party Party, Teen Angst, performing randomly at Vancouver Theater Sports League’s Rookie Night and all the other events/ performances I do is pretty much a full-time job. I can’t possibly hold down two full-time jobs and keep my sanity. So, I had to make a very hard decision and cancel all my shows in December. 

Such is the life of a struggling artist. I hope you’ll understand and be there when the next show happens.

In the meanwhile, my job is researching for a new TV show and part of that research involves finding funny things on Youtube; I post the best stuff on Twitter, so you can get some laughs from me there. 

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