Frickin Lasers

Friday night I went to a laser show at the Planetarium. Why, you might ask, I don’t come across as a stoner. You are right, I’m not. But I am interested in nostalgia and laser shows fit into that category of events.

Roundhouse Productions, who have been running laser shows in Vancouver for the last 33 years, are lowering the curtain on Vancouver’s laser stage. That’s right, Vancouver will be laser show-less as of February 2012.

I could not let the laser shows end without ever seeing at least one. So, last Friday I hustled up some friends for laser Radiohead and we sat under the giant dome ready to have our minds blown. Here are some of my thoughts about the experience.

Initial reaction: I’m afraid I’m going to have an epileptic attack.

After the first song: This is hilarious.

After the third song: This is boring.

After the picture of the demon in a closet: WTF?!

Then: This is hilarious, this is boring… the room is filling with smoke this must be ending soon.

Things I enjoyed about the laser show:

  1. Frickin’ lasers!
  2. The laser devil face
  3. See point 1

Things that could have made my laser show experience better:

  1.  If I was on drugs
  2. Laying down on the ground instead of sitting in a seat
  3.  See point 1
The laser shows on the menu included: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Radiohead. I chose Radiohead because it was the only band I knew the songs of. I think. I know I watched The Wizard of Oz with the soundtrack of a Pink Floyd album once; again, I wasn’t on drugs for that experience either.

Laser shows I would like to see:

  1. Laser Beyonce
  2. Laser Lady Gaga
  3. Laser David Bowie
  4. Laser LMFAO
  5. Laser Madonna
  6. Laser Bjork
  7. Laser LCD Soundsystem
  8. Laser Deee-lite
  9. Laser Tina Turner
  10. Laser Muppets … two awesomes at the same time!
What’s that Internet? Some of this already exists? What a crazy world we live in.

For more information about when the next and the last laser show will be please visit Roundhouse Productions website. 

One Reply to “Frickin Lasers”

  1. I saw this recently and was like, “Really?! This is *it*?” Not sure what I was expecting – but it sounded so awesome on paper!

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